Hello reader!

Finally, I started to create my own blog. Yaaay! After years of struggling whether to write or not, I finally gain confidence.

Let me make things clear first, I am not a professional writer nor have a technical skills to be a writer. I love to read stories, and been thinking for a long time to share my own. But I was so scared na baka ma-bash or macorrect lang ako ng mga readers kung wrong grammar or mali structure ng paragraph. Then recently I came across Ms. Neri Miranda’s blog, I was inspired by her to start to create my own blog. Which is apparently, madami din pala ibang bloggers na na inspire sumulat because of her. Haha.

Not a lot of people know I am into this kind of stuff, except my sister who actually gave me a writer’s book as a birthday gift (I just flip the pages and never understand anything, though). I created this blog just to share my random thoughts and express my feelings which I often can’t do in person (yeah, kind of introvert here).

So whoever come across and visit my blog, Welcome!

Spread the good vibes.

Pepperona. ❀️


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